What Doesn’t Change On My Daily To-Do

I am a 9-6 girl. I wake up at 5, chug my green tea while checking my emails and then hit the road for a quick walk or a jog for 30 minutes. I finish my yoga sesh by 6:30, cook my breakfast and lunch and am dressed for work by 8:00. I work mostly indoors at the office but the commute to work is a race through traffic, harsh sun and smoke. 

Combination skinned me is usually covered in my most favorite ultra matte sunscreen. I top off this base with my another go-to product; loose powder and finish with a touch of blush. Since I travel on a scooter, I try to keep make-up minimal so that it doesn’t wear off till I reach work. Once I reach work I apply my kohl and lipstick. I rarely touch my make-up throughout the day, however, keep applying a light moisturizer on face & exposed parts. 

After work, I usually prefer traveling without a jacket/face mask to breathe in fresh air (albeit polluted). I love how the air blows tiny strands of my hair as I speed on my scooter and how it smells when I pass by a gol-gappe wala. Once I reach home I usually unwind to Sinatra or Arctic Monkeys (sometimes even Kishore Kumar) while I prep a cup of green tea or a black coffee. At this time I usually have only one item on my To-Do that’s still unchecked – My CTM routine. 

Since I take hot showers after my tea time, I break this routine into 3 stages. 

Before I hit the showers: I Cleanse my face with Micellar Water. The reason why I love this water-oil based emulsion cleanser is that it’s literally just that – Water & Oil with a hint of fragrance. Unlike other cream based cleansers, this cleanser takes off my make-up and pollution residue from my face without make me feel like I’ve just returned from an oil spill. It leaves my face feeling refreshed and happy. 

Shower & After Shower: Once done, I bathe using a gentle body wash with a fruity flavor that just uplifts my mood almost instantly. Since I bathe in quite warm water, I immediately apply rose water which doubles up as Toner on my face and dab a bit on my arms and legs. I let the toner soak into my skin and apply Moisturizer on the same areas. This step helps my skin to relax after the Toner has done its work.

Even when I am traveling long distances, I carry a small packet of moisturizing cleansing wipes along with a small container of light moisturizer. This helps me rejuvenate after salivating on cramped up economy seats on flights. Since I rarely apply makeup while traveling, the wipes help me bring life to my now tired and air conditioner dried skin pores (plus – they smell nice too).

My advice? This entire routine literally takes me 20 mins including the bathing time and so I try my best to never skip this routine ever. Try and incorporate CTM into your To-Do every day. It may seem like a chore you can live without – But It is NOT!

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