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Why Do I Carry Two Bags To Work?

I am a serial packer – meaning – I’ll pack even for a day like squirrels pack for  the winter. If I am traveling for a weekend trip to a nearby beach, I’ll be packing 2 swimsuits for each day and 1 “just in case”, and the same pattern for 3 pairs of denims, 6 tops for choice and a vanity box full of waterproof make-up along with travel size versions of the same. 

 As mentioned in the previous blogs, I commute to work usually by my scooter that means, I have limited space to pack my “emergency stock for the winters”. My usual luggage is two handbags :

My first handbag  – Office Essentials (a sturdy & chic handbag) :

Since this bag has thinner shoulder ears, I don’t stuff it with my meal preps & vanity essentials. 

My second handbag – Meals & Vanity  (a thrifty purchase):

home-home-prepped Meal and Snacks, 

As intimidating as the above list seem to pack, all these are either travel sized portions or are very light to carry. 

People at work usually mock me sometimes for carrying this mini “household essentials”, but I still cannot emphasize the importance of having these at my hand at almost all times. People may have wondered if this activity is vain & distracting at place of work, I couldn’t disagree more! Being professional means being alert and productive at work-place, and this feat can be only achieved when you are not fussing about finding your To-Dos, Laptop’s battery levels, hydration & runny/super dry make-up.

The infused water-bottle I carry double up as a regular water bottle I can refill anytime at work thus reducing the paper cup usage they place near the watering can – Saving the world, one paper cup at a time. The multicolored pen set always comes in handy when I am trying to take notes or even when someone “forgets to return the pen”. This activity helps me save my headspace before an important meeting or a presentation.

Lip color aficionados like moi would relate to the fact that nothing is worse than chipped/peeled off lip color or worse chapped lips. My lip care kit has always stepped up to the task of leaving my lips refreshed at all times.  The light moisturizer I carry with me help my skin stay hydrated even when it’s 16 degrees indoors with an AC. Feeling confident about how my skin feels helps me stay confident during any impromptu office photo-ops or even a casual conversation with a fellow colleague in the gallery. 

Organized bag(s) to work not only help you feel confident about having essentials handy, it also helps to save your mental energy for something more important at work or otherwise. Contrary to today’s pop culture, being messy isn’t always great (unless it’s messy bun).  Staying organized isn’t a trait you put on the cons  column. It’s okay even if you are a compulsive organizer like Monica from FRIENDS as long as you don’t go complete Psycho on others while being that.

Penny for your thoughts, occasionally, I’d throw in a book I am reading currently to peruse during lunch if my office bestie isn’t in that day! If you are not into the whole smell of the old/new pages thing, you can shop for my on-the-go reading partner, an amazon kindle with a vast AF collection!

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